Create Your Society 24 September 2021

Society App – as seen in The Daily Telegraph

Student exchange improves employability

ESN UK is set to digitise the student exchange experience with their new Society App partnership.

Formally the Erasmus Student Network, ESN is the largest student-led organisation in the world. The organisation has been championing student exchange since 1991, supporting students working and studying both abroad and in the UK by developing the professional skills and professional networks necessary for our students’ future careers.

87% of students who have studied abroad have said that their exchange was a catalyst for increased maturity and more than 90% said that studying abroad increased soft skills such as communication, language proficiency and adaptability.

Together with Society App, ESN UK are launching a new app specifically for their members to help them to develop these skills to a higher proficiency. The app will be the first of it’s kind and scale to transform cross-university communication in student mobility organisations. It presents new and exciting opportunities for our digital generation as the app hopes to increase student engagement and participation as well as utilising the virtual platform to more widely promote the benefits of student exchange.

As businesses across the world are becoming more globalised and internationally focused, ESN UK are putting their best foot forward in the mission to give our students the best chance of employment as they enter the postgraduate market.

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