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The free Society® app offers students and clubs an instant branded app to increase engagement. Society is the trusted alternative to the status quo. We will never share or sell your personal data.

Cut through the noise with push notifications and connect with your student community. Automate and digitize University/College groups for free. 

Revolutionize your society or club this year!

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Branded App in an Instant

The Society® App is free for students with a University email address. Create your very own personal, branded app experience:

  • Unlimited private & group chats

  • Chats all secured with end-to-end encryption

  • Create your society/club in just 2 minutes

  • Committee admin management

  • Event push notifications

  • Event calendar & promotion

  • Recommended: Seamlessly link directly to the Student Union website with the SU URL for all bookings, tickets and payments (as per SU rules)

  • Optional: Create free E-Tickets for free events

  • Optional: In-app bookings/payments with E-Tickets

  • Advertise your merchandise

  • Automate event certificates & feedback

  • Instant searchable social network & profiles

  • We pledge to keep your privacy safe, we will never share and never sell your personal data.

Follow our 5 minute guide to create a free branded Society® app experience for your university or college society, club, group or organization.

How to Create Your Society

Your Branded App
Event Booking

Event Booking & E-Tickets

Clubs that are part of the Student Union (SU) can seamlessly link events with 'Book Now' buttons to their Student Union website as usual for SU bookings, tickets and payments. The Society® app with push notifications is 100% free to drive traffic to the SU website for greater student engagement, participation and ticket sales, while providing all students with your club's personally branded app experience.

Clubs that are not part of the Student Union and are allowed to link their own bank account (please check your SU rules first!) can experience no setup fees, monthly fees, or hidden fees. In the UK, our competitively low transaction fees for Society Pay in-app payments is just 2.8% + 49p for UK or European cards.

  • Optional: Group Chat instantly created for any new event

  • Free E-Ticket bookings for free events

  • Click 'Remind Me' and 'Add to Calendar'

  • Click 'Book Now' or 'Interested'

  • Promote and organise event e-tickets

  • Event calendar & promotion

  • Advertise your merchandise

  • Save hours of time for committee and students

  • Recommended: Seamlessly link directly to the Student Union website using the SU URL for all bookings, tickets and payments

  • Optional: Link directly to another payment booking platform e.g. EventBrite, Fatsoma, etc

  • Optional: In-app ‘Society Pay’ to sell e-tickets, collect and receive funds within 5 working days

  • The most competitive and lowest transaction fees i.e. cheaper than Eventbrite, PayPal, Facebook, etc

Get started today and create a free branded Society® app experience for your university or college society, club, group or organization.


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Your Instant Network

Society is the trusted alternative to the status quo. 

  • Create your own social network instantly as members/students join your society:

  • Private Chat messages are secured with end-to-end encryption

  • Admins can create unlimited Group Chats secured with end-to-end encryption

  • Present your society committee with 1 click ‘Message Me’ buttons

  • Immediately searchable by just first name

  • Instantly find anyone in your society (even if outside your Facebook/Instagram network)

  • Chat to anyone in your society with direct messaging and instant push notifications

  • Profiles showing your optional information, status and personal message

Create a free branded Society® app experience for your university or college society, club, group or organization in just 5 minutes!

How to Create Your Society

Your Instant Network
Admin Management

Admin Management


Fast and easy management for the committee:

  •  Add committee members to your society

  • Choose committee members to be admins

  • Add your bank account to receive e-ticket sales

  • Post events and ads with instant push notifications to everyone

  • Create free or chargeable events e.g. socials, raffles, lectures, sports, charity and more

  • View all ticket bookings and attendee guest list

  • View everyone who is ‘interested’ in open events

  • Update committee and admins anytime

  • Push notification to everyone in your society

Download the app today and discover a branded Society® app experience for your university or college organization, club, group or society!

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Certificates & Feedback

100% automated certificates of attendance:

  •  Invite feedback for educational lectures

  • Generate instant certificates for everyone

  • Display lecture outcomes and objectives

  • Show up to 2 speaker names and signatures

Follow our 5 minute guide to sky rocket your university group or organization, college club, group or society.

How to Create Your Society

Certificates & Feedback

App Store User Reviews

Discover why students are giving the Society® app 5 star reviews

4.9 from 450+ ratings

Recommend for all societies


"Such a useful app! Has saved our whole committee so much time, makes selling tickets for events so easy with an instant list of people coming. Every student gets a certificate of attendance!"

KCL Dentsoc
Cardiff Dental Students’ Society

Great app and easy access


"Really fun interactive competition and also a really easy way to gain access into private events organised by the society.  Also just generally useful to see quickly what fun stuff is going on within the society!"

Barts and The London Dental Society

Really useful app!


"Notifies when there are lectures and seminars for further education and you can get CPD evidence. It also lets you know about up and coming social events - defo less irritating than a Facebook group!"

Liverpool University Dental Students Society

Boss app


"Best way to see everything that's going on all in one place!"



"Much easier to see what's going on within the society! A good step into the 21st century!"

DentSoc - Leeds University Dental Society
The University of Bristol Dental Student Society

Great app

"Useful for keeping up to date on any events and makes buying tickets super easy!"