Society Website Cookie Policy

Last update: 31 October 2022

Cookies and Data Analysis

What are Cookies?

Cookies are data collected from your activities on a website, which are stored in your internet browser and programmed to remember your usage information and preferences, such as login information, location, language preferences, time spent logging in, most used features, between others.

How does Society use Cookies?

The Society website and its products may use cookies in your browser to improve the experience of customers and users, assist in navigation, improve, and administer the website and gather insights for future improvements in our technologies.

The Cookies we use

To specify, we have classified the cookies we currently use and their purposes into the categories below:

1. Essential Cookies: it is not possible to deny them, otherwise the site’s functionality will be impaired.

1.1. Necessary Cookies: used to allow access to our products and website.

These Cookies are essential for you to be able to browse the website and use its features, which means that you cannot opt out of them.

Necessary cookies are necessary to enable basic features of our site, such as providing secure login or adjusting your consent preferences.

These cookies do not store any personally identifiable data. Currently, the Required cookies that we use in your browser when you access our website and products are:

  • __tlbcpv : Used to record unique visitor views of the consent banner.

2. Performance Cookies: They help us to understand how users interact with the site, collecting and reporting information anonymously, such as how much time you spent on a page and if there was an error in any functionality.

Currently, the Functionality Cookies that we use in your browser when you access our website and products are:

  • _gat# : Enables Google Analytics regulate the rate of requesting. It is a HTTP cookie type that lasts for a session;
  • _ga_# : Used to distinguish individual users by means of designation of a randomly generated number as client identifier, which allows calculation of visits and sessions;
  • _ga : It records a particular ID used to come up with data about website usage by the user. It is a HTTP cookie that expires after 2 years;
  • _gid : Keeps an entry of unique ID which is then used to come up with statistical data on website usage by visitors. It is a HTTP cookie type and expires after a browsing session; and
  • #collect : Sends data such as visitor’s behavior and device to Google Analytics. It is able to keep track of the visitor across marketing channels and devices. It is a pixel tracker type cookie whose activity lasts within the browsing session.

3. Marketing Cookies: They are used to provide users with personalized advertisements based on previously visited pages and to analyze the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Currently, the Marketing Cookies that we use in your browser when you access our website and products are:

  • _fbp : Facebook tracking pixel used to identify visitors for personalized advertising.

Privacy Notice

If you want to know more about how Society processes your personal data, check out our Privacy Notice here.