Over the past year Erasmus Student Network (ESN) UK has been actively looking for partnerships that would prove valuable for the student body. As a part of the National Board’s mandate, multiple partnerships have been signed, such as with The Economist, Dell, Ryanair, the Trainline as well as ‘Society’, the fastest growing app at University for student clubs and societies.

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has left students stranded and there is an even greater feeling of disconnect, than ever before. Student Unions and University clubs have struggled to engage Generation Z, year on year, as a result of the decline in Facebook usage and communications being lost across multiple social media channels such as Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp.

ESN UK are pioneering the way forward with the goal of increasing student engagement, bringing students closer and promoting international awareness. The Society app is their solution to allow all 21 ESN UK University sections, from Aberdeen to London City, to finally all be in one place. ESN UK alongside the Society team embarked on the quest to create the ESN UK app, which will be available for all International students at ESN UK universities.

Matthew Billington, Co-Founder of Society, has been involved with the project from the very beginning, frequently meeting with the ESN UK’s Vice President, Stephen Kingdon. Taking up the challenges closely associated with the specificity of Erasmus Student Network, the two have been in constant cooperation, which drastically enhanced the potential of the project.

Matthew said, “Society is thrilled to be growing with ESN UK and supporting their vision. Society is their all-in-one solution to the fragmented status quo, helping them cut through the noise and clutter of social media and email. It’s inspirational to see ESN UK taking the lead in offering students their very own Society app. We are excited to see many more student networks follow in their footsteps.”

Stephen said, “Since the beginning of the partnership, Society has been wonderfully helpful and understanding, ensuring all needs of the student organisation would be met. With the shared mission in mind the two organisations are working closely making sure this new app offers a great opportunity to all the ESN UK’s members.”

ESN UK is excited to launch their Society app once the new academic year arrives. Keeping the expectations of the student body in mind, addressing the needs specific to the student group’s unique qualities, and reorganising the layout of the app to make it work best for the targeted audience, the two organisations continue to work on their shared goal.


Notes to Editors

For further information, pictures and interview requests with Matthew and Stephen please contact Society via the website www.createyoursociety.com

Co-Founder of Society app - Matthew Billington

ESN UK’s Vice President - Stephen Kingdon

About Society

Society is your own branded community app for clubs, groups and events in an instant. Society pledges to never share or sell your personal data, it’s the trusted alternative to the status quo. Your personal all-in-one app for event management and promotion with e-tickets, instant network and in-app payments. All private and group chat messages are secured with end-to-end encryption. Society allows unlimited free group chats for all of your events and community needs, including push notifications direct to every mobile of all your members for instant alerts. And, it’s completely free for University students.

The Society app made its debut at King's College London when Matthew Billington who was the President of KCL Dental Society decided to revolutionize the way his club was run by developing the app to solve engagement problems. Society is now the leading University app in over 130 Universities. Clubs and societies from Cambridge, Oxford, LSE, Edinburgh, Queen Mary, Aston, Royal Holloway, Leicester, Leeds, Liverpool, Cardiff and Bristol, just to name a few, are all registered on the app.

About Erasmus

Erasmus Student Network United Kingdom (ESN UK) is a not-for-profit student organisation representing local ESN sections (local associations). Our mission is to foster student mobility in Higher Education, provide opportunities for cultural understanding and self-development under the principle of Students Helping Students. ESN UK aims at working in the interest of students who are spending parts of or their entire formal education at a Higher Education Institution in the UK. We are working on a volunteer basis in 21 Higher Education Institutions in the UK. All the sections of ESN UK together help over 10,000 Erasmus, international exchange and local students every academic year.

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

There are now 117 Universities signed up to the free Society® app as student unions, clubs and societies prepare both social distanced and virtual events for Freshers Week in order to offer first year students the highly anticipated freshers experience.

The Society® app made its debut at King's College London when the then President of KCL Dental Society decided to revolutionize the way that its society was run. Several months later, Society® is now the leading university app in over 117 universities. Clubs and societies from Cambridge, Oxford, LSE, Edinburgh, Queen Mary, Aston, Royal Holloway, Leicester, Leeds, Liverpool, Cardiff and Bristol, just to name a few, are all registered on the app. The app is free for students to enjoy a free branded app experience for their university or college club, group or organization.

Matthew Billington, Co-Founder of Society App
Matthew Billington, Co-Founder of Society App

The 22 year old Co-Founder of the Society app Matthew Billington recalls: "When I entered my 4th year as a dental student at King's College London, I soon discovered that being elected President of the KCL Dental Society came with its fair share of problems. After engaging with Presidents from other dental schools I soon discovered that nearly every new President of a university society is in the same boat, re-creating the wheel, each and every year."

He originally came up with the idea of an app to have a profound and positive impact on committees and society members. Helping committees to save time through automating event management, certificates, ticketing/e- tickets for events, whilst having the committee displayed and available for all members to directly contact through the chat. A great way to interconnect all the societies in a university.

Matthew explains, “As years go by, we are finding Facebook is becoming increasingly outdated, seeing a progressive decline in engagement with university students. Society® is a fresh new app available for all of us to use, evolving new levels of engagement.”

With popular event booking platforms such as Eventbrite and Fatsoma, having high transaction fees, Matthew also wanted to create a platform with the lowest possible ticket transaction fees for students, whilst remaining free for free events.

Matthew continues, “We now have a university society platform which allows everyone to engage in multiple societies and events are all in one place. No more lost links on WhatsApp chat groups!"

That's why Matthew decided to create a free, all-in-one app, to increase engagement and productivity for all Presidents and Committees of student societies. The idea: to save time for committees while connecting students on a whole new level. His vision is to automate, digitize and revolutionize university societies and college clubs, groups and organizations.

Matthew is also proud to announce a great opportunity, "I'm totally excited to invite all University students and University societies to enter the huge Society competition because you can now win £1,500 cash. Tell all your friends to enter now on Instagram @createyoursociety. You can win £500 all for yourself and also win an extra £1,000 for your society or club!"


Notes for Press:

Co-Founder Matthew Billington is available for interviews and public speaking.

Competition details can be found on Instagram @createyoursociety

Contact Matthew via the website www.createyoursociety.com

See description on Instagram @createyoursociety

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Guest Blog by Joshua Olagunju

President of African-Caribbean Society (ACS), Aston University

We live in a world of what-ifs; like what if I went to college instead of sixth form or what if the earth was flat? We do all this to question common knowledge and build an alternative to old ways of thinking.

So, one day I thought, what if societies had their own app? A way to connect students away from the congested reality we find in social networking sites, such as WhatsApp. Surely this would tackle the age-old issue of student engagement as everything would be in one place?

Through discovery, I found that my 'what if' was already a beautiful reality inside the app, Society®. The student app built by the students, for students, is nothing short of revolutionary, as it creates an unmatched bespoke app experience for student clubs, organizations, groups or societies under its wing.

"everything is now in one place..."

As a presidential candidate for Aston ACS (African-Caribbean Society), I used this app in my campaign to offer a solution to the age-old problem of student engagement. I received an overwhelming amount of positive responses on the potential future initiative, which gave me a huge competitive advantage to other candidates also in the running. With the help of Society® and a clear strategy, I was elected Aston ACS President.

Since being elected I have used Society® to connect our students on a whole new level, whilst also utilising its features to support student talent and student businesses. We now have increased student visibility on the latest announcements and events, which makes our job as committee members a lot easier. Students are now knowledgeable on who to contact and what's happening around them, as everything is now in one place.

I can now provide my sponsors with unmatched promotion efficiency as my society ads demand targeted student traffic. From selling e-tickets to communicating with other students, Society has streamlined the student-club experience whilst improving student engagement in a way that uses technology that students can recognise. I couldn't ask for a better experience!

As student organizations, I believe we have been left behind with advancements in technology, which has capped our potential year in, year out. Tools such as WhatsApp and Instagram are no longer effective in connecting our students to what they value most whilst at university or college. However, upon joining Society®, my community no longer have to conform to old ways of communication. I am now excited going into this year as ACS President, as I can bring an experience that our group has never seen before, whilst addressing the problem of student-society engagement head-on. Our potential is now limitless, and our path is a lot clearer, all thanks to Society®.