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In October, Birmingham ACS' joined forces with the free Society app to create the ultimate party experience celebrating African and Caribbean culture. The Society collaborative event 'Litty Committee' caused waves throughout Birmingham, checking in over 700 students inside an unforgettable night. The dream team consisted of Aston ACS, Birmingham City ACS, and University of Birmingham ACS, who have all created their own branded community apps on Society and grown a huge presence gaining over 300 student members in each app.

“Litty Committee” captured the vitality of ACS’ in Birmingham and provided students with an affordable night out without any compromise in experience. Society awarded students with hundreds of discounted student tickets via the Society app, which sold out in a matter of days - earning a record-breaking sales campaign on the app.

Society app has connected over 3,000 ACS students from across the country

The event provided a stepping stone for Birmingham ACS' and created early connections between student members and committees, all of which we hope will form into long-lasting relationships.

To date, the Society app has connected over 3,000 ACS students from across the country. Society is now on pace to make exponential growth with the ACS network and beyond.

Joshua Olagunju, Strategy Executive at Society and former Aston ACS President, expressed his dedication, “I vow to continue supporting ACS with the aim of creating a model that can benefit ACS and other student networks on the Society app.”

You can now create your very own branded community app for free in just 60 seconds

To finish the academic year off on a high in June, Society and ACS have decided to return the famous “Litty Committee” brand back for the students, doubling up on its capacity and fun. Hundreds of tickets have already been sold via the Society app, and are set to sell out well ahead of time.

Matthew Billington, co-founder of Society, said “I’m super excited to see the vision become a reality with thousands and thousands of students thriving on Society. You can now create your very own branded community app for free in just 60 seconds, you can create unlimited apps, each and every app branded to you with easy in-app bookings, event tickets and group chats all in one place. The growth has been huge and we’ve only just got started - now it’s the UK, next it’s the US. Watch this space!”


Notes to Editors: For further information, and interview requests please contact Society via the website www.createyoursociety.com

More than two hundred Society Ambassadors attended Freshers Fairs at Universities across the UK to promote the Society app to clubs, societies and students. All ambassadors wore the Society hoodie while spreading the word about the features and benefits of the app. The awareness campaign was a huge success with over 1,600 clubs now on the Society app.

"Your own free branded app in an instant"

Society is now the fastest growing app at University for clubs and societies. And, it’s completely free for students. The Society app made its debut at King's College London when Matthew Billington who was the President of King’s College London Dental Society decided to revolutionize the way his club was run by developing the app to solve engagement problems.

Society app Co-Founder Matthew said, “What an honour, providing thousands of students with their own branded app. Society and the team have performed incredibly showing huge growth every day. Let’s continue until every society in the UK gets their own branded app.”

"Societies were very eager to get on the app"

Society is your own branded app in an instant. App features include push notifications direct to all your members for instant alerts and updates for events and announcements. It has your club’s calendar of events, an instant searchable network, personal profiles, direct messaging, group chats, free e-tickets and much, much more. With over 1,600 clubs with group chats in over 130 Universities, Society is growing extremely fast.

Student Hannah who attended the Freshers Fair at the University of Surrey said, “Societies were very eager to get on the app. They loved the functionality of it and how easy it would be for students to find them and see what the society is about.”

Student Polina from Manchester Metropolitan University added, “Everyone was very curious to know about the Society app and the great majority found it very convenient having all of their information about the society in one place. Overall, everyone had a very positive attitude towards the idea!”

The Society Ambassadors spoke to hundreds of students and committee members. They even managed to capture some of the moments. Social media was filled with photos and videos from the Freshers Fairs they attended. The ambassadors shared it was a great experience to promote the Society app.

Student Jade, from University of Surrey said, “Incredible! It was so fun and refreshing to get very hands-on experience interacting with so many people within my University. It was really lovely to be able to talk to so many people I otherwise may not have had the chance to and tell them about a platform that can really help out their society or club!”

Student Mithara, who attended the fair at Durham University, also added, “It was fun working at the Freshers Fair and promoting the Society app.”

On another celebratory note, a fresher from the University of Bristol, is the winner of Society’s Freshers MacBook Air giveaway. Thousands of students from Universities across the country entered the prize draw. The winner was chosen at the beginning of the academic year.

Sujal, who is from India and currently studying Civil Engineering at the University of Bristol said, “When I signed up for it, I did not expect that I would be the winner. I'm very thankful to the Society team!”

Sujal has already received his brand-new MacBook Air and shared a video with all Society App’s followers showing his excitement. Matthew also wished Sujal to have a very successful first year at University.


Notes to Editors:

For further information, and interview requests please contact Society via the website www.createyoursociety.com

More pictures and videos from the Fresher’s Fairs are available on Instagram - @createyoursociety

Student exchange improves employability

ESN UK is set to digitise the student exchange experience with their new Society App partnership.

Formally the Erasmus Student Network, ESN is the largest student-led organisation in the world. The organisation has been championing student exchange since 1991, supporting students working and studying both abroad and in the UK by developing the professional skills and professional networks necessary for our students' future careers. 87% of students who have studied abroad have said that their exchange was a catalyst for increased maturity and more than 90% said that studying abroad increased soft skills such as communication, language proficiency and adaptability. Together with Society App, ESN UK are launching a new app specifically for their members to help them to develop these skills to a higher proficiency. The app will be the first of it’s kind and scale to transform cross-university communication in student mobility organisations. It presents new and exciting opportunities for our digital generation as the app hopes to increase student engagement and participation as well as utilising the virtual platform to more widely promote the benefits of student exchange. As businesses across the world are becoming more globalised and internationally focused, ESN UK are putting their best foot forward in the mission to give our students the best chance of employment as they enter the postgraduate market. Find out more Visit esnuk.org for more information or contact pr@createyoursociety.com