Create Your Society 19 April 2020 Society® app launches at King’s College London

The Society® app made its debut at King’s College London with the President of KCL Dental Society deciding to revolutionize the way that its society was run.

Society® is now the leading university society app in over 25 universities, within just 6 months of launching. Other societies from the University of Leeds, Liverpool, Cardiff and Bristol, just to name a few, are already registered on the app. The app is free with already over 2,000 student users, giving over 270 five star reviews, all enjoying a free branded app experience for their university or college club, group or organization.

Matthew Billington
Matthew Billington, Co-Founder of Society App

The 21 year old Co-Founder of the Society app Matthew Billington recalls: “When I entered my 4th year as a dental student at King’s College London, I soon discovered that being elected President of the KCL Dental Society came with its fair share of problems. After engaging with Presidents from other dental schools I soon discovered that nearly every new President of a university society is in the same boat, re-creating the wheel, each and every year.”

He originally came up with the idea of an app to have a profound and positive impact on committees and society members. Helping committees to save time through automating event management, certificates, ticketing/e- tickets for events, whilst having the committee displayed and available for all members to directly contact through the chat. A great way to interconnect all the societies in a university.

Matthew explained, “As years go by, we are finding Facebook is becoming increasingly outdated, seeing a progressive decline in engagement with university students. Society® is a fresh new app available for all of us to use, evolving new levels of engagement.”

With popular event booking platforms such as Eventbrite and Fatsoma, having high transaction fees, Matthew also wanted to create a platform with the lowest possible ticket transaction fees for students, whilst remaining free for free events.

Matthew continues, “We now have a university society platform which allows everyone to engage in multiple societies and events are all in one place. No more lost links on WhatsApp chat groups!”

That’s why he decided to create a free, all-in-one app, to increase engagement and productivity for all Presidents and Committees of student societies. The idea: to save time for committees while connecting students on a whole new level. His vision is to automate, digitize and revolutionize university societies and college clubs, groups and organizations. The start-up Society® app has already received seed investment and has plans to raise further rounds of funding to grow the app and keep it free.


Notes for Press:

Society® is a UK registered trade mark of WeClikk Ltd trading as Society®.

Co-Founder Matthew Billington is available for interviews and public speaking.

Contact Matthew via the website