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Secure your funding to thrive
It takes funding to create memorable events, and with our initiative we want to bring that to life.

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Sponsor Your Events
Host your events, tickets exclusively on the Society App.
Must include your first event of the year.
Ticket Sales / Event Registration All tickets (Free or Paid) / Registration for events are to be sold exclusively on the Society App.
Promotion You must use the Society Logo on all promotional posters and material.
Get $50 per event
25-49 ticket sales in-app (per event)
Get $100 per event
50-99 ticket sales in-app (per event)
Get $150 per event
100+ ticket sales in-app (per event)
Bespoke sponsorship
For more than 500+ ticket sales
Waived Transaction Fees
Applies to tickets sold in 2022.
Most competitive transaction fees:
Only 4.3% + 79¢ now rebated in full!
Max 4 events per month
Earn 💰 as you Chat
Transition from iMessage/GroupMe to Society
Transition to Society Set up your event group chats on Society.
Announce the Transition Announce the transition from your current Group Chat to Society Group Chats via all communication and social media channels.
$0.05 per Message sent on Society
Maximum $400 per month
Minimum 10 active group chat members

All payouts in monthly arrears.

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  4.8 from 1K+ Ratings

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