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Create your free University ecosystem

Society allows University Student Unions and College Student Governments to create a secure ecosystem for all their clubs, groups and organizations. Each club and society can create their very own community app within your ecosystem. Every community app is built in 60 seconds. Students are invited to join and opt-in to their chosen community apps and can switch between communities at any time. Society has been designed to support SUs in their mission of enriching student life while increasing both student engagement and satisfaction.


Features that make a difference
▶︎ Safe and secure online spaces to communicate through phones without sharing numbers or other personal information.
▶︎ Complete control and monitoring of student activities with bad behaviour being reported directly back to University.
▶︎ Ability to send push notifications and event reminders to all users, greatly increasing engagement.
▶︎ Sponsored posts that can be used to raise revenue from advertisers or signpost to services such as mental health support.
▶︎ Certificates for events can be automatically generated to seamlessly provide volunteer validation without using paper!

$100,000* Grant Programme

SocietyPay is the optional in-app payment gateway. 
No setup fees. No monthly fees. No hidden fees. ​ ​

The Grant Programme provides SUs with £100,000* worth of free transactions - rebates provided in monthly arears. Usually, UK transaction fees charged at 2.8%  +  49p.

Sell tickets, collect and receive funds within 5 working days.

▶︎ Clubs can seamlessly link events with 'Book Now' buttons to their Student Union website for usual bookings, tickets and payments. Drive traffic to your SU website.

▶︎ Optional: In-App Tickets & Booking Management for events allow for seamless experience, allowing you to easily raise funds.

*Terms & Conditions apply.
Limited availability, apply early to avoid disappointment.


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University App - Case Study


Barts and The London (School of Medicine and Dentistry) uses the free Society app to promote the BLSA Student Union clubs and events at Queen Mary's University of London. The Society app creates greater student engagement for all the Barts clubs and events; 90 clubs with 90% freshers and growing.

The Barts branded app experience with push notifications, cuts through the noise to increase student engagement and participation. The 'Book Now' call-to-action buttons seamlessly link to the SU URL and direct all traffic to the Student Union website for the usual SU bookings, tickets and payments.

BLSA broadcast push.jpg

Society also provides a free 'Broadcast Announcement' push notification service to promote events for the Student Union and their clubs for greater 'on-demand' exposure. 

The branded app experience creates an 'all-in-one' 24/7 virtual Fresher's Fayre, 365 days a year. Watch the video below, click to enlarge and play full screen!

Barts YouTube.png

App Store User Reviews

Discover why students are giving the Society® app 5 star reviews

4.9 from 900+ ratings

Recommend for all societies


"Such a useful app! Has saved our whole committee so much time, makes selling tickets for events so easy with an instant list of people coming. Every student gets a certificate of attendance!"

KCL Dentsoc
Cardiff Dental Students’ Society

Great app and easy access


"Really fun interactive competition and also a really easy way to gain access into private events organised by the society.  Also just generally useful to see quickly what fun stuff is going on within the society!"

Barts and The London Dental Society

Really useful app!


"Notifies when there are lectures and seminars for further education and you can get CPD evidence. It also lets you know about up and coming social events - defo less irritating than a Facebook group!"

Liverpool University Dental Students Society

Boss app


"Best way to see everything that's going on all in one place!"



"Much easier to see what's going on within the society! A good step into the 21st century!"

DentSoc - Leeds University Dental Society
The University of Bristol Dental Student Society

Great app

"Useful for keeping up to date on any events and makes buying tickets super easy!"