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Society is the trusted community app that is transforming how students safely communicate in Schools all around the world. Engage students through group learning with safe group chats.

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Society is the free community app that is transforming how students safely communicate in schools all around the world. ​ Engage your students through group learning. Society works by creating a community app for you in seconds that only your pupils and staff are able to access.


Safely communicate in schools

There you can record attendance, send out reminders to mobile phones, host events, create public group chats and provide certificates among many other functions that allow you to keep students engaged in a safe online environment.

Whether it might be for coordinating extracurricular groups, giving students a space to work together on homework or allowing parents to easily sign up to school events - Society App has all the power to unlock the potential of your learning communities.


Commitment to child protection

We commit to our no-data sharing policy, our Behavioural Reporting System and Student Safety Policy that make the app fully compliant to all data protection and privacy laws - something that is often not the case with many communication services used by schools currently.

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App Store User Reviews

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4.9 from 900+ ratings

Recommend for all societies


"Such a useful app! Has saved our whole committee so much time, makes selling tickets for events so easy with an instant list of people coming. Every student gets a certificate of attendance!"

KCL Dentsoc
Cardiff Dental Students’ Society

Great app and easy access


"Really fun interactive competition and also a really easy way to gain access into private events organised by the society.  Also just generally useful to see quickly what fun stuff is going on within the society!"

Barts and The London Dental Society

Really useful app!


"Notifies when there are lectures and seminars for further education and you can get CPD evidence. It also lets you know about up and coming social events - defo less irritating than a Facebook group!"

Liverpool University Dental Students Society

Boss app


"Best way to see everything that's going on all in one place!"



"Much easier to see what's going on within the society! A good step into the 21st century!"

DentSoc - Leeds University Dental Society
The University of Bristol Dental Student Society

Great app

"Useful for keeping up to date on any events and makes buying tickets super easy!"

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