Application form - Society App Freshers Fair Ambassadors


We are looking for passionate & social students to work and attend your Universities Freshers Fair as a Society app Ambassador!

Please note: Only apply if you're 100% sure that you can attend your University's freshers fair

Starting date: Freshers 2021 (Virtual Training in August - September)
Location: University campus - Freshers Fair

Job role: Working as a Society App Freshers Fair Ambassador

  • Representing the Society app at your university’s freshers fair and spreading awareness about it

  • Talking to students and societies about the app, showing how it works and its benefits

  • Enrolling societies, clubs and students to download and join the app

  • Handing out flyers

  • There is also the opportunity to continue working as a full Society brand ambassador throughout the academic year

Pay for the role:

You will be paid £9 per hour (will work 4 hours) + given your own SOCIETY hoodie

This is a very popular role and there are only 3 spots per university so join the team ASAP!

Apply NOW!

Why choose this role?

  • Amazing for CV, you will earn the title of ‘Society Brand Ambassador’

  • Join a network of awesome like-minded students

  • Great opportunity to gain experience and further develop many important skills

  • Paid hourly and also opportunity to gain bonuses on top

  • Full training about the app will be given by the Society team

Essentials for the role:

  • No experience needed

  • Strong work ethic and ‘can do’ attitude

  • Great ambition to learn on the go

  • Excellent verbal communication skills

  • Creative and innovative thinking

  • Comfortable in talking to multiple people and societies about the app

More information on the app:
Society app instagram: @createyoursociety

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at: